Canada loses 9-8 to Denmark in women’s curling

Canada loses 9-8 to Denmark in women's curling
Two losses constitute a true shocker.
Stevens explained that he found curling relatable, especially compared with, say, an event that compelled you to do a backside rodeo flip while strapped to a piece of wood. The most controversial curling story at Pyeongchang so far is American team member Tyler George’s bad shoes. We knew it was going to be tough for anybody to go undefeated in this tournament. Each team alternates shots, trying to either get their stone close to the center of the target (“the button”) or knock the other team’s stones away.
Canada’s Rachel Homan is still searching for her first curling win at the Winter Olympics.
The 65-year-old Mr. T, who also played boxer Clubber Lang in the 1982 film “Rocky III”, also told his 216,000 Twitter followers: “Curling is kind of different, but it’s exciting”.
Canada, heavy gold medal favorites and men’s tournament leaders, took on their host and Korea put up a good fight.
The Korean team only scored more than one point in one end, the ninth.
While Korea led 1-0 through two ends, the Canadians stormed out in the third, picking up three points to jump into the lead, 3-1.
It appears Dupont was right, as her team made an extra-end comeback after Homan couldn’t convert on a takeout with the hammer.
“We just had a few too many misses”, Courntey said. So obviously, we’ve done it in the past and they just happened to do that then.
Yun, who won the hosts’ second gold of the Games, finished 1.63 seconds ahead of Nikita Tregubov, an Olympic Athlete from Russian Federation, while Great Britain’s Dom Parsons took bronze.
Norway and Korea both lost their first two games of the tournament, but the good news was that someone was coming out of this game with a W. As it turns out, it was Norway’s day.
It’s far from an insurmountable situation but there will need to be more urgency from the Canadian side.
“Although we participate in a lot of leagues, we haven’t had many chances to go against Canada, so this was very nervous, the first time”, Eunjung Kim, the Korean skip, said.
Jessie Diggins came close to winning a first cross-country medal for the United States since 1976 but the Minnesota native came up agonisingly short, finishing 3.3 seconds behind the bronze medalists in fifth place. “As the non-offending team we can remove it”.


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